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Please sir can I have s'more...

Three little ingredients:



Graham Crackers

Taken by themselves they are good but unremarkable. Put them together and you get an ooey gooey mess that is delectable, delicious, and delightful. A luscious treat full of melt in your mouth memories.

I venture to say though that it is not the three ingredients that create the feelings of joy that surrounds them. It is the building of the campfire that warms our hearts. It is the looking for an appropriate roasting stick that addresses our sense of adventure. It is the melting of the marshmallows that creates the stickiness that binds all together. It is the snapping of the crackers and squishing it all together that reminds us that the people we are with belong with each other.

So many nights I have sat around a crackling campfire with people I love and listened to stories that I have heard a thousand times before and realize I would listen to them a thousand times again just to spend time with these amazing people. We laugh to the point of tears and we reminisce about times gone by. We sing, we joke and we talk story. These are the things, we realize, that will bring us back for s'more.


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