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An Old Tractor and A Good Book

For most of my adult life I have been touting the importance of reading and the benefits to finding a good book to read. My three children, if asked, would probably tell you that in the area or reading I was insistent, persistent and adamant that they read on a regular basis. It paid off...all three of my children are intelligent, informed and life long readers today.

I believe that a good book can entertain, distract, inform, and relieve stress. I didn't believe that until 10th grade when my English Literature teacher took the time to introduce me to a few books she picked out for me. She took the time to listen to me, learn my interests and find books that fit me and fit me so well that they felt like a well worn glove. Those books made me believe!

I have also heard, for most of my life, that John Deere tractors are the best around. There is an old trick that I use when asking for references. I don't just ask for the best, I ask for the three best and I ask a lot of people. When you ask for just one, you will get the preference of the person you are asking and may get a lot of different answers however, when you ask for the three best you will get one name that pops up over and over. That is what happens when you ask about farm equipment. Some will say a different name for their first choice but John Deere is always in the top three. Ask around...

So how do these two things connect? I was recently afforded the opportunity to buy a John Deere 1956 420S tractor from a woman who was settling her father's estate. The tractor was the last item she sold and it was obvious how difficult it was for her to let it go. I promised her that I would take care of it and think of her and her father when I used it. Yesterday and as I climbed up into the seat I said a quiet "thank you" to them both. Thank you to him for taking such good care of a piece of metal and her for entrusting me with her memories.

I named the old girl Matilda and as I was mowing down thistle I began to realize that riding around on a tractor is rather mundane, especially when you have three fields to cut. So what to do in a situation where you are riding around a field over and over, cutting Eeyore's thistles to the ground? Read a book. I know, I know, you should never read and drive! Instead, I pulled out my phone, opened Audible and listened to a page turner as I made turns around the fields.

Turns out old tractors and good books make an excellent combination.

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