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The Rule of Three and Paint

So what is the Rule of Three? The Rule of Three just helps when decorating, designing, painting, etc. because an odd number of items in a view helps the room look less cold and orderly. It is the difference between asymmetry and symmetry. Example: If you are using candlesticks as part of your decor, place three candlesticks of different sizes in a grouping. The movement in the different sizes is pleasing to the eye and creates a balance. This really works with any odd number of items, 5, 7, etc., but three is the rule of thumb.

Using the rule of three when painting and decorating a room is easy when you consider percentages. Use 60% of you main color, 30% of a secondary color and 10% of an accent color. For example: As I have been decorating the Jack and Jill rooms at the Phrog and Munkey Folk Ranch, I wanted Jack's room to have a masculine feel to it. I painted three walls white, one navy blue and my accent color is rope. The dresser, nightstands and bed are all painted white with the drawers and accents on the bed blue and the drawer pulls are rope. The curtains are navy blue buffalo plaid and the tie backs are made of rope.

You don't have to use the same shade of your secondary color and accent color throughout. Vary the accent and secondary colors in the design by using varying shades. A good way to find the gradation of secondary or accent color is with paint cards. Go to your local hardware store and look at the paint cards to see true variations of the colors you choose.

I will be working on finishing Jack's room this weekend and will post pictures when I get it done.

I hope you have a blessed, pleasant and productive day. (The rule of three works with kindness too!)

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