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Nickel Trip

Take a nickel out of your pocket, get into your drivers seat and let's go on an adventure...

Life can be hard at times and we all need to let loose and have some fun. When my kids were young and we didn't have a lot of money I used to throw our camping gear, some food, and whatever else would fit into the back of our Daihatsu and we would take a nickel trip. So here are the rules:

Pack enough camping gear, clothes, and food to get you through the weekend and throw it in the trunk.

Get in your car.

Drive to the city limits or the first intersection you come to outside of the city limits and flip your nickel.

If it is heads you go left and if it is tails you go right.

At this point you have a choice to make, do you drive until you find a place to stop or do you keep flipping the nickel?

If you decide to drive until you find a campground or a place to camp then put on the tunes, tell a couple of jokes and play some road games until you get there. Where is there? Wherever the road leads you.

If you decide to keep flipping then drive until you pass through the next town and come to the city limits or the first intersection after the city limits and flip the nickel again.

At this point you have a choice to make...this is kind of like the Pete and Repeat story and I could keep repeating myself but you get the idea.

That's it, that's the rules. Well...

There are a few more things I need to mention:

You aren't allowed to talk about work

You aren't allowed to complain, get upset, or let outside influences distract you from focusing on the people you spending time with.


So I challenge all of you who are reading this. Take a nickel trip, end up somewhere you have never been before, spend some time in nature with the people you love and then write back and tell me what you learned.

And if you don't have a coin with Jefferson on it, any old president will do.


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