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Warm it up!

If you are decorating and have a room that is cold and fromal in appearance and you want to warm it up, try a little wood. Using wood accessories is an easy way to bring texture and contrast to an otherwise flat room. For example, use wood to create a 3D wall, an art piece on the wall or for a fixed headboard. If the room is painted with a soft, light color, stain the wood you use a dark color before installing to create contrast and focus to a room. If the furniture is dark use a blond wood or sand down the natural wood to a smooth finish and stain it with a light stain or just leave it natural. You can even add wood to a modern industrial decor to bring some warmth and dare I say luxury to your space.

There are a lot a companies that deal in reclaimed wood. Search them out, help a small business and save a tree. Reclaimed wood has character and a lot of the companies that deal in reclaimed wood can give you the history of the wood that they sell you. Just think of the story you can tell when someone asks you "Where did you get that?"

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