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Let me set the scene...In my workshop, one project on the drafting board, one project on the folding table, one project on the vinyl cutter, one project leaning against the wall. I have a process, paint one project, while it is drying move to the next, while it is drying, finish the one on the drafting board, move back to the one that got painted first, check it for dry. It feels dry so give it a second coat. Not dry enough, messed up the first coat, now it needs stripped, sanded. Taking a Mulligan (do over) on this one.

Those of you that know me know that I can be a very patient person. Those of you that don't know me should know that I can also be very impatient. I want things to get done and I often don't give things the time they need to dry, to heal, to cure and I mess them up to a point of having to start over. Don't get me wrong, some of my best projects have come about by me not being scared to just jump in with both feet and do it, but that is totally different. When working with wood, stain, paint and all things beautiful take the time to let the wood breath, let the paint dry, let the stain seep slowly into the wood before wiping it away. Your patience will pay off!!!

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