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A Chop Above the Rest

So, my daughter Samantha and I were driving through Arkansas this summer and we had an idea to do a blog about Bar-B-Que. You know how every sign that advertises Bar-B-Que says something like "Best in Texas" or "World's Best Bar-B-Que"? Well we determined after we saw a lot of Bar-B-Que billboards as we drove through Texas on our way to Arkansas that they can't all be right. We decided that doing a Bar-B-Que blog would be fun. Pick a highway in Texas and drive. Everytime we see a Bar-B-Que joint, on said highway,

we would stop, buy one chopped sandwich and split it. Taste the sandwich with sauce and without sauce and rate it for its tenderness, flavor, value and overall yumminess. Then we would taste the cobbler to determine if the complete meal would be worth writing about. So, Tom and just stopped in Springtown, Texas at Woody Creek Bar-B-Que on our way to the ranch. Their sandwich is a chop above the rest. Super tender melt in your mouth chopped brisket with a smokey taste that was good enough to eat without the sauce. The sauce was sweet, but not to sweet, and tangy all at the same time. I tried a couple of bites with the sauce and a couple without the sauce and determined it was better without. Tenderness - Five Stars, Flavor 4 1/2 stars, Value 15.00 for two sandwiches and two bags of chips, Overall Yumminess - 4 1/2 stars. Sorry we didn't get the cobbler...

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