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Ok, I want to know who knew that painting over paneling would be so much fun and why you didn't tell me. Of course I am exaggerating a bit, or a lot. I usually like painting but this process was arduous and not at all relaxing as painting usually is to me. First you have to clean the wall with a degreaser, then you have to sand the walls with low grit paper, then you have to use KILS and then paint. Well the KILS took two coats and the paint took two coats to get coverage that was even and looked good. Not complaining mind you, just letting you know that all of the rest of the paneling in the ranch house is coming down. I will not be painting it. On the bright side, the entry way is bright, clean and almost completely painted and I started on the new scrap wood wall. Most of the wood being used for the wood wall is from the pallets that my sweet Jimmy and Bonny used at their wedding. So once again, memories abound. A quote will go above the wood that is already on the wall and then the rest of the wall will be covered. I have decided that wood walls and wood floors is too much wood so I will be putting brick on the floor in the entry way. Living room next...

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