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Change of Plans

I posted some pictures on my last blog post to show the items that we were going to put in the room that I have been working on. However, a quick trip into Brady to go to the antique store yielded a beautiful table with red chairs and presto chango, our plans were altered. Welcome to our new dining room...not quite done but we have ideas and designs in our head that will come to fruition to finish off this room. One shelf above each door to put knick knacks on, four stacking stools for extra seating in one corner, a three tier floor standing shelf made of metal and wood in another corner, two corner tables made with the green weathered legs and it will all come together nicely. And did you notice the red water pump in the middle of the table. As some of you know my aunt passed away and I traveled to Pampa to attend the funeral. I needed some therapy on the way home and stopped at the most amazing junk store in a little bitty town in the middle of nowhere Texas and found the water pump. I will always think of my Aunt Belle when I look at it now. Rest in Peace aunt Belle.

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