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Christmas at the Ranch

We spent a very quiet Christmas at the ranch this year. We spent Saturday evening celebrating an early Christmas with family and friends. We are blessed to be surrounded with love and friendship and joyful to be given the opportunity to laugh, hug and share with so many incredible people. After all of the ruckus we ventured down to the ranch on Sunday with our nephew Brendan in tow. Brendan has recently completed basic training and will be stationed at Fort Hood for a while. Welcome to Texas Brendan and thank you for your service. A couple of days of working on the house and playing with the dogs led up to a quiet Christmas day with our "neighbors" my brother, sister, and their son. We had a peaceful day and a good meal and all is right with the world anyway. I believe that if everyone could experience the calmness, placidness and quietude of this land, they would have a whole new perspective on why we should live in peace. Have a Happy New Year!

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