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We are a little bit closer now...

We were given an opportunity to go look at some land in Hext, Texas and we took it. We liked the land and hopefully part of the property will be ours soon. The land is adjacent to the property that my parents own and we are in contract negotiations with the owner. This is a three way deal with my mother and father, my brother and sister-in-law and Tom and I with each of us purchasing a portion of the acreage. Our section will have the retreat and our home on it. We were sold on the property when we realized that there was a hill with a large oak tree on it. The views are amazing and it is an area that, although it may not be the prettiest part of Texas, is close to my heart. Looks like we might actually have to work now...If you are interested in investing in the retreat contact us and we will send you an investment portfolio.

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