Cabin #1 - The Rustic Outdoors

This cabin will feature images from the outdoors, kayaks, rivers, sunsets, and more.  The colors will be warm oranges, reds, yellows and browns.  The set for the master bedroom is purchased and waiting.  Here are some pictures of the decor items ready to make cabin #1 a place to relax and rejuvenate.

Cabin #2 - Cowboy Cozy

Take off your boots and stay awhile. The Cowboy Cozy cabin will sleep 4, have a living area and kitchen.  All necessary items for your stay will be provided from pillows to plates.  A great place to hang your hat and relax.

Cabin #3 - Pau Hana

Inspired by Munkey's home state of Hawaii, this cabin will feature scenes and decor from our beautiful 50th state.  The name of this cabin translates to "Done with Work" and we hope it inspires you to relax.  

Cabin #4 - The Archives

No tablets allowed in this cabin.  Pick a book from our plethora of tomes and hold it in your hand, smell the pages and get lost in the world within.  

Cabin b #5 - Fiber and Fabric

Cozy and warm, this cabin is all about the folk art of processing wool into yarn.  From sheering to skirting and through the spinning process, this cabin displays homespun yarn and homemade quilts.  A queen size bed with two pull out twins, this cabin sleeps four comfortably.  



Cabin b #6 - The Music Room

Tap your toes and clap your hands while you unwind to your favorite tunes.  Filled with instruments, a turn table, and out of this world surround sound, this cabin will bring out the creative musician in anyone.  A queens size bed and a Murphy bed allows for 4 to sleep comfortably.