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I decided that we needed some trees on the ranch, that is other than the mesquite, pecan and cedar so, we ordered trees from the Arbor Day Foundation and we have planted them. Now some of you might think I am crazy, those of you who know please be quiet, but I ordered Giant Sequoias. 10 of them. They came in a cardboard box, well protected and well hydrated. We nurtured them in town for two weeks and now they are safely planted at the Phrog and Munkey retreat. Please don't come thinking that you will be able to hug a giant sequoia. That will be years down the road. These are babies, tiny giants, an oxymoron if I ever heard one. We will care for them, love them, and marvel at their beauty as they grow into mature trees. If you are interested in some trees, the Arbor Day Foundation is a great place to look. Their membership is 25.00 and you get 10 free trees of your choice plus a free red maple. 10 more trees are on their way to us. Stay tuned...

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